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I hand-craft Stork Savers Storkies to fit most sizes snuggly. Every child is different, so if you think you will need an adjustment in the fit, I am more than happy to make it custom fit to your lil' one.

The sizes below are approximates with the first number listed as the minimum (without stretching the elastic) and the second being the maximum (with the elastic completely stretched).

There are 5 sizes listed. I normally only make Small, Medium, & Large, but will make the newborn or Extra-Large Sizes upon request.

The Newborn size I created because the small just weren't fitting my newborn legs snuggly enough and all that breastfeed pooh squirted right out. I find these are great for long trips and over-night because they hugs the leg more snuggly than the small size. The small size if perfectly fine for normal day-time use.
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Please note that the front, back, and soaker length sizes are just for referrence or to compare to other diapers. You don't have to measure anything for these .
Size Waist Rise Leg / Thigh Front Back Soaker Length


6-12 lbs.

** 11-14 ** 8.5 9-13 10


9-15 lbs

12-19 10-15 7-12 8.5 10-14 10


13-25 lbs.

13-23 12-17 8-13 9.5 11.5-15 12


23-35 lbs.

14-24 13-19.5 9-14 10.5 12-16 13


33+ lbs.

** ** ** 11.5 13-17 14

All numbers are in inches and are approximates.

**Please Contact Me for Specific Measurements**