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Seconds & Clearance
These are products that are not up to par to sell for full price. Most are still fully functional, but might have a few oops in the stiching. Each defect will be described fully.

Seconds are not subject to the Stork Savers Guarrentee.
Clearanced Instock
Mulit-Color Squares
Item Number: CL-WP-16
2 layers - serged
Woven Print - Flannel Plaid
1 Set Available
Item Number: CL-WP-31 (set of 7)
6 w/ double flannel
(one has cut in middle of wipe)
one with triple flannel
Sea Green and Yellow-Set of 4 Double Layer Wipes with 1 Triple Layer
Item Number: CL-WP-32
double flannel
Red Goddess Print - 2
Rubber Duckies on Blue - 3

(Stars on Yellow is gone)
Funky Red / Stars - Sold Out / Rubber Ducky -Comes in Sets of 2
Item Number: CL-WP-33
double flannel
Sassy Cats - 2
Pink Linens - 2
Cute Flowers on White - 2

(Purple Celestial is sold)
Sassy Cats / Purple Celestial - Sold Out / Pink Linens, Glad Flowers on White - Sets of 2
Price (Set of 6): $4.00 ppd
Cloth Wipes
Price (Set of 7): $4.00 ppd
Price (Set of 5): $4.50 ppd
Price (Set of 6): $5.00 ppd
Navy Blue Achors / Ropes & Stars
Item #: CL-NP-62
Price: $4.50 ppd
Click item to see another picture
1 set available
Item #: CL-NP-220
Price: $4.50 ppd
Click item to see another picture
1 set available
Red Anchors / Red and Navy Anchor Strip
Item #: CL-NP-218
Price: $4.50 ppd
1 set available
Red Small Check / Country Squares (chicks, apples, hearts, bugs, flowers, angels)
Item #: CL-NP-806
Price: $3.50 ppd
1 set available
Bandana Print / 2 Navy, 2 Red - Square - Set of 4
1 set available
Stars and Stripes / 2 Navy, 2 Red - Square - Set of 4
Item #: CL-NP-807
Price: $3.50 ppd
Cloth Napkins