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Catherine is a very happy and leak-proof girl in her PUL Storkie
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Stork Savers ...cloth for life...
Stork Savers
This is where we showcase our Lil' Storkies in Stork Savers' Products.

If you'd like your Lil' Storkie to appear on this page just send us a photo of them in a Stork Savers' Product and we'll put it up.

Thanks to all the ladies that provided me with these wonderful pictures of their adorable Lil' Ones in Stork Savers Products!
Stork Saver
~Stork Savers~
cloth for life
Don't Worry...Sam is fine on the dinner table (LOL), he won't leak in his Stork Savers AIO Blue's Clues Crayon PUL Storkie
My own Big Storkie, Hannah & Lil' Storkie, Abigail, in a AIO Fleece Storkie with Starfish, Patrick from Sponge Bob Square Pants apliqued in Fleece on the butt.
Henry is ready to move in his AIO Navy PUL Storkie.
Christian is pictured (at the left) wearing a medium PUL Storkie and (below) wearing a large PUL Storkie.
Sound Asleep in a PUL Storkie AIO
Wide Awake and Ready to Move!
Here's Lucas wide awake and fast asleep in his Large PUL Storkies.

He's 11 months, 20 lbs. and 29" tall.
Stork Savers 1 Year Anniversary!