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How to Launder Your Stork Savers AIO Cloth Diaper
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(Instructions will be included with each purchase)

No Fabric Softner. As with any cloth diaper you never want to use Fabric Softener. This will lead to waxy build-up that will waterproof the soaker layers, and make them not absorb.

No Bleach. Do not use Bleach on your Stork Saver AIO (or any cloth diaper) this will void the guarentee and break down the materials and can be harmful next to baby's skin. If you have staining, place in the sun and it will "bleach" your diapers.

I recommend you
wash with COLD or WARM water, not hot. Hot will break down the PUL faster. Any bacteria will be killed in the drying or sunning process.

Use 1/2 to 1/3 the amount of laundry soap you would normally use on a load.

Tumble dry on LOW to MEDIUM heat. Again excessive heat will break-down the PUL faster.

To get rid of stains, lay out in the sun. The sun will "bleach the stains away, even old ones.

To get rid of any lingering smell after being washed, wash again with a Downy Ball filled with Vinegar and do an extra rinse cycle. Soap Build-Up can sometimes cause a smell.

All Stork Saver AIO Diapers, Soakers, and Wipes can be washed in the same load following these directions.
Every Cloth Diaper is different, and each might have it's own special laundering instructions. I tend to be under the belief that the easier it is to do something the better. Stork Saver AIOs are easy to care for a keep in good condition as long as these steps are followed.

Either a Dry Pail or Wet Pail will work, I prefer a Dry Pail.
Rinse chucks off in toliet, no rinsing needed for BF(breastfeed) pooh,
then toss in pail untill wash day...
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