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Updated 12/13/2012
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Soothing Rice Pillows are filled with rice (no scents) that can be warmed or cooled to sooth or ice your sore muscles, joint,  limbs, and boo-boo's.

Use Hot: Warm in the Mircowave for 2-3 minutes and place on aching mucles or warm cold feet. Feel free to fall asleep with your soothing Rice Pillows, unlike a Heating Pad that might burn you, your Rice Pillow will cool after about an hour.

Use Cold: Store in freezer (in a ziploc bag to prevent moisture absorption) and use as an ice pack - Small are perfect for lil' ones ear aches or head bumps.

Perfect Gift for mom, dad, athletes, teachers, bus drivers, dancers, and anyone that gets achy.

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Soothing Rice Pillows
Stock Updated 12/2012
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