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Gifts & Sets
Fleece Hat & Boa Set
Cloth Napkins & Centerpiece Mat Set
Cloth Napkin & Centerpiece Mat Sets
These are fabulous and festive!
Stork Savers Cloth Napkin & Centerpiece Mat Sets are wonderful for giving and receiving. Great for holiday or seasonal decor. You'll save hundreds a year using cloth napkins instead of paper products, and they look fabulous to boot. Who knew saving money could ever look this good.
Available for any season or holiday.
Special Orders also available to match your decor.
Bundled together with a festive ribbon, they arrive perfect for gift giving.
Centerpiece Mat & Napkins are 2 layers of coordinating knits serged together with matching wooly or poly nylon thread. Fabrics are your choice of Festive Holiday, Seasonal, or Solid Prints, or to match your decor.

There are many options for you to mix and match each side:
Christmas / Winter
Valentine's Day / St. Patricks Day
Easter / Spring
Americana / Summer
1 Centerpiece Mat & 4 Napkins
Price: $10.00 ppd (postage paid)
Item Number: CL-CN-04
Extra Napkins (in sets of 4): add $4.50
Item Number: CL-CN-08
Add a set of 4 Placemats: add $12.00
Item Number: CL-CN-0P
These awesome Stork Saver Sets save you money on shipping and are great for giving as gifts. We are always open to special and personalized orders, just e-mail us.
Back to School / Fall
Halloween / Harvest
Halloween / Thanksgiving
and so many more...
The possibilities are endless.
Stork Savers
Stork Saver
~Stork Savers~
cloth for life
Wonderfully Warm !
These Fleece Hat and Boa Sets are great for battling that winter cold. Easy to care for and 'oh so soft and cuddly fleece hugs in the warmth for your little ones.
Available in a variety of Fleecie Colors.
Hats can be custom-embroidered or appliqued with your favorite character, design, or name.

Order one for the whole family.
Infant / Child / Adult Sized
Price: $13.00 ppd (postage paid)
Baby: Item #: FE-BH-BA
Price: $17.00 ppd (postage paid)
Teen & Adult: Item #: FE-BH-AD
To Order this set, send me an e-mail with item number, head measurement, and fleece color.
Price: $15.00 ppd (postage paid)
Child: Item #: FE-BH-CH
Add Extras to Your Set...
Questions, Comments, or Suggestions please e-mail us.
Please Place All Orders by E-mail to sales@storksavers.com

Thank You,
Holiday Cloth Gift Baskets
Price: $25.00 ppd (postage paid)
Item #: CL-GF-BA
Check our Holiday Instock for current instock, ready to ship baskets.
"Let it Snow..." Holiday Basket Contents
Let it Snow Gift Basket
The perfect gift for anyone on your holiday list or for a hostess gift to the holiday party you're attending.
Standard Holiday Basket includes:
1 Embroidered Dish Cloth
1 Embroidered Dish Towel
Set of 4 Cloth Napkins
Matching Centerpiece Mat
2 Festive Mugs
2 Packets of Instant Cappacunio & 1 Swiss Miss Hot Coco
2-Sided Hand Painted Wooden Holiday Sign
1 Wicker Basket
Custom Baskets can be made to any theme or holiday. Or pick products from our instock and create your own basket!
Contents may vary and might include matching holiday extras, like above ornaments.
Soothing Rice Pillows
Soothing Rice Pillows
These wonderful little pillows are filled with regular rice. Heat them in the microwave or freeze them in the freezer. Use in place of ice packs and heating pads. Adorable Prints make this item the perfect gift. Each comes with instruction poem on the tag, so you know how to use them.
Soothing Rice Pillow
Price: $7.00 ppd (postage paid)
Each pillow is approximately 4 x 11 inches.
Larger Pillows can be made upon request!
Pamper Yourself Baskets
Check Our INSTOCK Store for avaible Rice Pillows.
Pamper Yourself Basket
Price: $25.00 ppd (postage paid)
Feel free to add the receiver's favortie shower gel, body lotion or more to the basket before you give it.
Contents may vary slightly on avaiblitiy on Non-Stork Savers-Made products.
Kitchen Decor Set / Basket
Kitchen Decor Set, Eggplants
This Set can vary to include any or all of the following:
Cloth Napkins
Centerpiece Mat
Table Runner
Embroidered Dish Towels
Embroidered Dish Cloths
Plastic Bag Holder
Pot Holders
Basket Liners
Matching Fake Fruit or Veggies
Wicker Basket
and / or more...
Prices Vary Depending on Contents
Please E-mail for price quote.
Perfect for pampering... includes bath pillow, soothing rice pillow, drawstring bag, organic WAHM-Made soap, 2 shower puffs, facial & nail brush set, pumis stone, back massager, embroidered washcloth, bath fizzle and soap set, "Equate" Oatmeal Bath Mix!
Pamper Yourself Baskets
Click Photo for more info.
Cherries Kitchen Decor Basket
Baby Bundles
Table Set (Placemats, Napkins, Centerpiece Mat Set)
Baby Bundle
Stork Savers Baby Bundles are a great gift for the new mom, baby shower, or just a lil' ones birthday.

All the items can be matching / coordinating and have the option of embroidery. Baby Bundle can be shipped right to your loved one or sent to you postage paid.
Item: Standard Baby Bundle
Price: $65.00 ppd
Contents of Standard Lil' Storkie Baby Bundle
Standard Baby Bundle Includes:
AIO PUL Storkie, Hand Towel, Wash Cloth, 6 Cloth Wipes, 2 Knit Hats, Baby-Sized Fleece-Fringed Blanket
Design Your Own Baby Bundle with our Cloth Items!
Prices Vary by Contents,
e-mail for Quote
Rice Pilllow and Drawstring Bag Set
Rice Pillow & Drawsting Bag Set
Price: $12.00 ppd (postage paid)
Also Available
Rice Pillow & Drawstring Bag Set!
Click Here to See Our Holidy Instock!