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Stork Savers
Fleece Hat & Boa Set
Wonderfully Warm !
These Fleece Hat and Boa Sets are great for battling that winter cold. Easy to care for and 'oh so soft and cuddly fleece hugs in the warmth for your little ones.
Available in a variety of Fleecie Colors.
Hats can be custom-embroidered or appliqued with your favorite character, design, or name.

Order one for the whole family.
Infant / Child / Adult Sized
Price: $13.00 ppd (postage paid)
Baby: Item #: FE-BH-BA
Price: $17.00 ppd (postage paid)
Teen & Adult: Item #: FE-BH-AD
To Order this set, send me an e-mail with item number, head measurement, and fleece color.
Price: $15.00 ppd (postage paid)
Child: Item #: FE-BH-CH
Price: $5.50 ppd (postage paid)
Baby: Item #: FE-BO-BA
Price: $9.50 ppd (postage paid)
Teen & Adult: Item #: FE-BO-AD
Price: $7.50 ppd (postage paid)
Child: Item #: FE-BO-CH
Can be worn as a scarf, outfit accessory, or just for dress-up.

Choose from a variety of
Fleece Fabrics.

Can be made with 3 different Fleecie Colors. Great for School Spirit Colors.
To Order this item, send me an e-mail with item number and fleece color.
Stork Saver
~Stork Savers~
cloth for life
Fleece Embroidered Scarf
Embroidered Scarf
These are wonderfully warm Polar Fleece Scarves, embroidered with a name or phrase & graphic of your choice.

Matching or Coordinating Hats Available
An example that I did for a friend's little girl.
Price: $5.50 ppd (postage paid)
Item #: FE-SC-EM
Your Choice of Fleece Color.
Size is approx. 8 x 48 inches.
One Size Fits All.
Price: $45.00 ppd (60" x 72")
Adult Size Item #: FE-BL-AD
Embroidery: One Line is Free!
Add a Graphic for $2.50
Price: $35.00 ppd (60" x 36")
Child Size Item #: FE-BL-CH
Price: $25.00 ppd (30' x 36")
Baby Size Item #: FE-BL-BA
Fleece Fringed Blankets are two layers of fleece fabric, cut into fringes at the edges and double-knotted together. These are super warm for those cold winter days or chilly summer nights.Perfect for Family Room Throws or Kid's Beds. Baby Size is perfect for draping over lil' ones in car seats.
Current Fleece Colors
Current Fleece Colors
Fleece Fringed Blankets
Fleece Fringed Blankets-Sizes
Prices may vary due to fabric desired.
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