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First off, I hate AIOs. Can't stand them. Never found ones that fit right, were absorbent or trim enough. That is, until we tried yours. And believe you me- we've tried a TON of different kinds. SS's are the first ones I reach for when they are clean. The fit is wonderful. The large fits my skinny and tall toddler and my chunky short toddler like nothing else. The Stork Savers are trim under their clothes too, a definite plus!

The first day I tried them, one of my friends picked up Evan and exclaimed, "Carrie, you put him in a disposable? Aren't you breaking one of your cardinal rules!" She is a sposie user, but she loves to joke about my "crunchy" ways. So I had to take the SS off to prove to her it wasn't a sposie. Even she was impressed at the cuteness of it.

Mom to 2 boys
12 mo (18 1/2" W, 11" T, 17" R)
27 mo (18" W, 11 1/2" T, 18" R)
I like how quickly the quad-fold dries and it would probably not take too much longer even with the hemp. My daughter wore her tester again today and the way the elastic makes the fit feel is so great - different than many AIOs and better.

Mom to Catherine
15 mo (18.5 lbs, 30" H, 17.5" W, 10" T, 15" R)
I *really* like how trim they fit DS. Sam was in it for about 2 hours, had a BM and everything was well contained.

Mom to Sam
19 mo (22 lbs, 32" H)
Fit: Very nice snug fit no leaks out of the side, fit his legs and butt perfectly! Custom fit! = A+
Function: Very good worked well with changing him every hour to hour and a half, no leaks. = A
Workmanship: Lovely you did a very nice job on the dipes ,very cute designs and I like it with matching soakers. = A+

Wonderful fit-at first it looked too small, but it fits her to a T, and isn't bulky at all! My husband accidentally left her in one for 6 hrs (ugh), and there were still no leaks!
I really love the way the soaker fits perfectly inside the diaper, and the elastic rolls inward, which is very hard to do (at least for me!) I wasn't sure which side the soaker was supposed to face up, so I used the fleecy side, and it worked very, very well, at keeping her dry. I give your dipes an A+!

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