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Cloth Diaper Details
With so many diapers out there, it's hard to choose. There are as many different diapers as there is babies it seems, which is good because different babies need different things in a diaper.

At Stork Savers, you will find an All-In-One diaper that is made of good-quality materials with loving, detailed workmanship; a diaper that's trim, fully functional, and fits just right.
All Stork Saver Diapers are AIOs or All In Ones, meaning just what it says. No cover is needed. Each Diaper is Homemade by me.

Stork Savers has 2 different
AIOs to choose from:

PUL Storkie    |       |    Fleece Storkie

All AIOs use new materials. All fabrics (except fleeces) are prewashed. It is recommended that you wash your
Stork Saver AIOs before using to seal up all needle holes and prime the materials for absorbancy. All AIOs have front touch tape tabs and fasteners, with fold back laundry tabs to prevent diaper trains and snags in the wash. Laundrying instructions are included with your purchase. Each AIO section will have further explanation of diaper functions and construction.

2 types of Stork Saver Soakers:

Contoured Fleecie    |    Quad-Fold Flannel

All soakers are serged with quality wooly nylon or poly thread. Soakers are made of Flannel to match the diaper inner or your choice. The
Contoured Fleecie has 6-8 layers of flannel with one layer of fleece on top to pull moisture away from babe's delicate skin. The Quad Fold Soakers are fashioned from two layers of flannel and then folded to create more layers. These are the perfect soakers for quick-drying.
Questions, Comments, or Suggestions please e-mail us.
Stork Savers
Diaper Sizes:
Small: 7 - 15 lbs.
Medium: 13 - 25 lbs.
Large: 23 - 35 lbs.
Adjustments can  be made according to measurements you send with your order.
$19 ppd     |            |   $18 ppd
~Stork Savers~
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