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Cloth Alternatives
Cloth Napkins
Flannel Wipes
If you use cloth for baby, why not use cloth all around the house with Stork Savers Cloth Alternatives! Save money by not buying paper, by re-using and save the environment by not throwing them out or having to cut down trees to make. 
Cloth Table Sets
Stork Savers Cloth Table Sets are wonderful for giving and receiving. Great for holiday or seasonal decor. You'll save hundreds a year using cloth napkins instead of paper products, and they look fabulous to boot.
Available for any season or holiday.
Special Orders also available to match your decor.
All items are 2 layers of coordinating fabrics serged together with matching polyester thread.
Centerpiece Mat & Napkins
double-sided and reversible
Centerpiece Mats are 18" x 22" inches
Napkins are 11.5" x  9" inches
1 Centerpiece Mat & 4 Napkins
Price: $10.00 ppd
Extra Napkins (in sets of 4): add $4.50
Add a set of 4 Placemats: add $12.00
Flannel Wipes are not just for cloth diapering anymore! Use them instead of toilet paper, tissue, paper towels, sponges, dolly blankets, the possiblities are endless...
Baby Wipes (Set of 6):
Price: $5.50 ppd
Our Cloth Wipes come in 3 sizes
(shown above placed on a flannel napkin 9 x 10.5):
Baby Wipe Size - 7" x 8.5 to 9"
Nose Wipe Size - 5.5" x 7"
Toilet Wipe Size - approx. 4.5" x 7"
Don't be limited to what I call them
-- use them how you see fit!
(Sizes may vary slightly depending fabric used.) 
Perfect for fine dinning or everyday family meals. Save a tree and your money by using cloth. These are 10 x 10 or 10 1/2 x 9 1/2 (depending on fabric size), 2 layers woven fabric serged together with wooly nylon or polyester thread.

I can also do special orders with Flannel, Knit, Home Decor Fabrics and more. E-mail with your ideas or decor choices and I'll track down a fabric just for you.
Price (in sets of 4): $5.50 ppd
~Stork Savers~
cloth for life
Please Place All Orders by E-mail to sales@storksavers.com

Thank You,
Questions, Comments, or Suggestions please e-mail us.
Stork Savers - Cloth! It Does a Planet Good!
Stork Savers
Special Order:
Double Sided Flannel
Perfect for Kids!!
Special Order:
Home Decor Fabric
Prices vary based on Fabrics
Double Sided Flannel Napkins - These are the only kind of Napkins I make my family now. They're just so absorbent and soft. You can't beat them!
Double Sided Home Decor Napkins
Order 4 or more Cloth Napkin Sets & get a FREE Cloth Napkin Drawstring Bag to hold the dirty napkins in until wash day...
Inquire by e-mail
Cloth Napkin Drawstring Bag!
Flannel Cloth Wipes - Many Different Sizes
Flannel / Velour Wipes (Sets of 6)
Price : $6.50 ppd
Flannel / Velour Combo Wipe Sets
Velour is a super soft & absorbant material
Perfect for scrubbing that extra yuck off without irriating your Lil' One's Skin.
Wipes are 7" x 8.5 to 9"
Velour / Flannel Wipes
Cloth Napkin Drawstring!
Placemat, Middle Mat, and Napkin Set
Cloth Diapers:
Details & How to...
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Placemat, Middle Mat & Napkins
Placemats are 18" x 13"
Napkins are 11.5" x 9" inches
Middle Mats (small table runner) approx. 6" x 26"
4 Placemats, 4 Napkins, Middle Mat
Price: $17.00 ppd
Placemat, Centerpiece Mat, & Napkin Set - Snowflakes
Placemat & Napkins
double-sided and reversible
Placemats are 18" x 13"
Napkins are 11.5" x 9" inches
4 Placemats & 4 Napkins
Price: $15.00 ppd
Placemat and Napkin Set
Cloth Napkins
Cloth Napkins
Placemat and Napkin Set
Special Napkin Set
Cloth Napkin Drawstring!
Special Order:
Drawstring Bag & Plastic Bag Holder
to Match Napkin Set
add: $7.00
Cloth Napkin Drawstring!
Flannel Cloth Wipes
Have In Stock - Click Here!
Valentine's Day
Special Order:
Holiday Pack

6 Holidays:
Valentine's Day
St. Patrick's Day
Thanksgiving / Fall
Not exact Fabric Pictures
St. Patrick's Day
Thanksgiving Fall
6 Napkins Sets of 4 each
Price: Inquiry by E-mail
They're still great for cloth diapering mommies and daddies who are sick of picking the regular wipes out of those poopy dipes. Saves you money and time, not to mention your babies bottom.

Use your own wipe solution, or just plain water. So much better for baby than those  harsh chemicals in store-bought wipes.
New Wipe Size - Medium
All Cloth Wipes are 2 layers of soft flannel serged together with woolly nylon thread with rounded corners.
Flannel Cloth Wipes
Choose your fabrics from our In Stock Flannel Fabrics or send me an idea of what you'd like and I'll track it down for you.
Flannel Toilet Wipes
Toilet Wipes (Set of 12):
Price: $6.50 ppd
Have In Stock - Click Here!
Have Some Kid Prints Double Flannel Instock
Cloth Toilet Wipe Sets
You'll Never Go Back To Paper!
Can be made with two coordinating flannels
Click here for in depth explanation of toilet wipes
Wipes are 4.5" x 7"
Have In Stock - Click Here!
Flannel Cloth Wipes
Cloth Baby Wipe Sets
Toss in the diaper pail after use & wash w/ diapers
Can be made with two coordinating flannels
Just the right size to fit in old wipe containers
Wipes are 7" x 8.5 to 9"
Nose Wipes (Set of 9):
Price: $6.00 ppd
Cloth Nose Wipe Sets
Just a little bigger than the toilet wipes
Use for nose wiping or other delicate parts
Wash with any colors load
Wipes are 5.5" x 7"
Have In Stock - Click Here!