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We are a family of 6. Hannah (13 years), Nathan (13 years), Abigail (9 years), Isabella (8 years), and Jacob and I with a dog and a cat in an old farmhouse that was built in 1850.
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I cloth diapered my Abigail since she was 2 months or so. She was in sposies for a while off and on while I perfected the pattern for my diapers. It's scary to remember the first couple diapers I made and put on her. She was in cloth until she potty trained at 2.5, even though she started using the potty at age 2! Isabella was always in cloth and potty trained around 2. I've always read cloth diapered babies potty train quicker than sposie - I can attest to that..
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Hannah, Abigail, & Nathan
The Family in Bed after Isabella was born at home, March 9, 2004
Isabella Naomi Leah Peeking
We also use other cloth products instead of paper in our home, as much as possible. We use cloth napkins, wipes, towels and rags to wipe up spills, washcloths for diaper wipes (terry cloth works great on those sticky, stinky messes), I use cloth pads and the girls and I use cloth toilet wipes. My husband thinks I'm nuts, and well I am, but it saves our monthly budget, is so much better for the environment and well, cloth just feels better on your skin than nasty, rough, linty paper ever could. I have just recently ventured into making cloth hankies for my runny nose, I have horrible allergies and my nose runs constantly - so far, so good!
In the future I plan to become a certified birth Doula or birth education and possibly open up a B&M (Brick & Mortar ie: "Real") store, Stork Savers Cloth, Crafts, and Consignment. I hope to freelance for natural parenting magazines and continue to promote a natural lifestyle to those around me. I am passsionate about breastfeeding, homebirth and unassisted birth, & cloth diapering (you might have guessed, huh?), as well as selective vaccination, and non-circumcision.
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In April 2010, I quit my full time job at a Risk Management Agency as an Executive / Administrative Assistant to stay home and spend more time with my girls; help them with homework instead of having them go to an after school program. They get healthy snacks and get to run and play outside right after school. Instead of putting my creative juices out in the business world via letters, brouchures, business cards, and powerpoint presentations, I do it through my website and marketing materials, and of course fabrics and sewing.
In addition to all of that, we live frugally and try to live simply. I hope to one day teach my frugal skills of menu planing, cost cutting, shopping sales, coupons, double coupons, clearances, never paying full price, never using credit cards, pay here, pay here places, renting, or financing as well as many other life skills to high school students and single moms and dads. I also plan to become a foster parent and eventually adopt children that have been abandoned and/or abused.

I hope you have learned a little more about the woman behind the sewing machine. Please e-mail me if you enjoyed reading my story, visiting my web site, if you would like to place on order or have any questions regarding the above topics.